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The Famous Youngest Marathi actor Praful Bhalerao 22 was died in a train acciden

The Famous Youngest Marathi actor Praful Bhalerao 22 was died in a train accident in Mumbai on Monday, police said.
This incident took place in the morning when Bhalerao was travelling to Goregaon from Malad ,His dead Body Body was found in Malad Railway Station at 4 AM in the Morning. The Dead Body was Then UnderTaken by the GRP This Is Said by the Police officials.
Praful Bhalerao may have been leaning out the door and could have lost his grip when the train gained speed, the Hindustan Times quoted Borivali Government Railway Police officials as saying.
Bhalerao is one of the famous actor and  is best known for his role in the popular TV series 'Kunku'.
He did a Marathi film, 'Barayan'  which was released recently.
However, it was 'Kunku' that gave him popularity and made him a household name in Maharashtra.
Bhalerao famous Marathi serials are
Tu Majha Sangati
Jyotiba Phule